First List advantages at a glance:


  • Completely free of charge !

  • Certainty of giving pleasure to your friends and loved ones!

  • Choice ! NO longer being limited to only one shop or travel agency.

  • Internet unse for your friends whererver they are....

  • Freedom! No limitations, your final purchases can be different to your first selection.

  • Tailor-made travel arrangements. Travel plans and hotel room negociation for your guests.

  • Personalised service and a dedicated contact person!

  • We look look for the item of your dreams and add it to your list (whenever possible).


It's up to YOU to take full advantage of OUR advantages...

Open your registry in just a few clics...


  1. Open your list : In just a few minutes, you can open your First List account. You will be able to access our catalogue of partner brands and boutiques right away.

  2. Choose your gifts : Get comfortable and make the list of what you'd like to get. Our team can assist you throught the first steps if you like. There are also examples of lists available.

  3. Receive your friends'gifts : Your friends and loved ones can look at your list with its color photos on our site, or by post upon request. They can also offer you their gift online or by telephone at +41 (0)844 000 001, and attach a greeting note to their purchase. You will be sent an e-mail announcement for every gift you receive.

  4. Manage your list : Whenever you want, you can make changes to the list of what you would like to receive, to the information on your account, or add photos, etc. You can follow-up daily on gifts you have received, as well as getting a summary of your purchase.

  5. Make a purchase: To finalise your purchases, which may be different from what you had originally selected, all you have to do is connect to your account and buy the items you want. the total price will be deducted from your available balance.



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