Being a party to your happiness, the First List marriage will let your friends and loved ones be sure they will make you happy with their choice....


What could be more personal and practical than a list that has photos and is Internet-friendly to show them what you are hoping for?

With First List, you no longer have to set up a list with only one shop or travel agency! Choose your gifts and travel options from our selection of partner brands and boutiques, and in just a few clicks you can open a list. It’s the same as opening an account for your guests to deposit their contribution.

Your list tells your guests what your wishes are, but you can make changes to the list whenever you want. A purchase only becomes definite when YOU confirm the order to us.

A hard copy on coloured paper of the list can be sent by post, upon request.

Open a gift registry

offer a present from a registry

purchase a present from our catalog

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